Do What You Like – single (download)


‘Do What You Like’ is a folk-rock single from Gavin Chappell-Bates which was released on Thursday 4th October 2018, World Animal Day.

Gavin wrote the song to reflect on how we, the human race, treat our home, planet earth, and the other inhabitants that we share it with.

All proceeds from sales of ‘Do What You Like’ go directly to these charities that provided footage to make the above film: Animal Aid, Animal Equality, Animals Australia, Earthling Ed, Greenpeace, PETA,
Save Me Trust, Tiger Awareness and Viva!

Gavin wrote the song to highlight his biggest fears, the destruction of our environment and the mass slaughter and suffering of animals. In 2014, inspired by his affection for his cat Sully, Gavin had an epiphany and converted first to vegetarianism and then to veganism. Having been a consumer of meat and dairy for over thirty years he had never previously questioned what he put in his body but with increased awareness he, along with his wife Alison, decided he had to make a change.