Black Holes EP – CD


Black Holes is the debut EP from singer / songwriter Gavin Chappell-Bates. Released 3 February 2015 on R*E*P*E*AT Records. This is a limited edition CD copy.

This truly emotive three tracker kick starts with the opening bravado of the title track ‘Black Holes’. A trade mark opener reminiscent of Surfer Rosa and the late 80’s pre grunge scene with the quiet verse leading to the inevitable explosion of a chorus.

‘Follow The Light’ follows with a compelling and almost heart wrenching intro where Gavin once again comes up trumps with a bombastic catchy chorus that sticks like glue to the memory. Gavin’s influences are worn clear and proud upon his sleeve with this track a definite nod toward 90’s era eyeliner wearing bands and trash guitars.

Everything is then stripped back for the conclusion of the EP with ‘Writing In The Sand’; a beautifully inspired arrangement and a rather fitting and impressive finale to a wonderful debut.


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