So after 15 gigs and 1659 miles, I finished my first ever tour on Thursday 23 October at The Solstice in Peterborough.

I have learnt so much from the last few weeks; about myself and about others.

At times it has been nerve-wracking; getting to venues on time, finding the venues, parking, technical glitches, looping for the first time, etc.

But all that anxiety has been made worthwhile by the amazing experiences I have had.

Live at Esquires, Bedford

At every venue I have met warm and lovely people. There is no doubt that many live music venues struggle in the modern climate and there is a feeling that not as many people come to gigs as in the past but everywhere I went I found people that loved music.

Some gigs were quieter than others but at every single one I found passionate and creative people. It was inspiring to meet so many fabulous people; to learn new things from some vary talented musicians, to receive adulation from complete strangers and to have the support of my wonderful family and friends.

For me it was great that my music was so well received and that my looping worked. Doing something completely new that requires so much concentration and reliance on technology was very daunting but my confidence grew as the tour progressed and I can’t wait to loop more now!

My team did a great job of getting loads of names signed up for the Black Holes EP and mailing list and we sold plenty of t-shirts and badges.

If you missed out you can find out how to get yours here.

I’m now very excited about getting out on the road again. I’ll be doing a few more dates around Christmas which I will announce soon.

Overall it was a massive success and just the start of a very big journey for me and my music.

Thank you to everyone who came and saw me, spoke to me, gave me advice. It wouldn’t have been such a wonderful experience without you.

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