It has been a while so I posted any news so I thought I would give you another album update and also a brief insight into the world of a singer…

Album update

It seems a long time since we started. Having never taken on anything like this before I never realised how much was involved but it will all be worth it.

Whilst we still have some way to go, producer James Coppolaro is pushing me and the project to new heights. The more we progress the more excited I get…especially as I am now preparing for the first release and tour. I can’t wait to give you details of this in the coming weeks.

Train to gain

After a brief break, I was back in the studio this week recording vocals for five of the tracks on the album. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the most important part of the project. For a singer / songwriter obviously it is vital to have good songs but without a strong voice leading them people won’t sing along.

I wasn’t born to sing. It’s something that I’ve had to work at.

Despite having sung for years it has only been in the last couple of years that I have begun to train my voice and I am so glad I started when I did as I’m reaping the benefits now.

I actually used an online course to start strengthening my voice and learning new techniques and warm ups and it has been invaluable. As well as giving me exercises, which I now do every day, it has given me understanding of how this very special instrument works.


Very simple things such as avoiding alcohol, getting a good nights’ sleep, correct posture and good breathing make such a difference. It is only in the pursuit of the best voice possible that I now run regularly (not something I’d otherwise have the motivation to do). Being fit really helps with breathing and this helps sustain strong notes.

On recording days I avoid talking so I do not wear my voice out (this has proved very popular with Ali, my wife!). I also find Katherine Jenkins’ special cocktail of hot pineapple juice, Manuka honey and freshly grated ginger is great for the throat prior to singing (note: add the honey after you’ve heated the pineapple juice otherwise be prepared to lose all your taste buds and your throat lining!).

Under pressure

Despite the pressure of wanting the vocals to be perfect and the inevitable ‘red light recording syndrome’, all this preparation has made the process enjoyable and successfully. I can’t wait now to get recording the rest of the songs and get them out into the world for you all to hear…

So what’s the moral of the story?

There are many things I’m learning as we move along on this project. Obviously preparation is key but so is being relaxed and enjoying the experience, as that is as important as what we create. It is great fun working with James and I am learning some invaluable lessons.

Most importantly, it becomes more apparent to me that anyone can achieve anything they want so long as they are committed to it. So any of you out there that are budding singers, then just give it a go.

I would recommend here as a good place to start… 

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