There have been some great reviews of ‘Bad Faith / Good Faith’ over the last few weeks and, now that I’m reflecting back on the last 12 months in my musical life, I thought I’d share a few of them with you here:

Dancing About Architecture

Bad Faith/Good Faith is a perfect example of his musical artisanship blending pop addictions to rock muscle but this time employing just enough dance floor sass and swagger to keep things fresh. But if his music is straight to the point, supple and subtle, the lyrics are less so, taking a leaf out of Jean Paul Sartre’s mindful musings but still managing to make the whole thing sound as infectious as hell.

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Cambridge Music Reviews

Deep stuff indeed, but ridiculously catchy too.

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Emerging Indie Bands

Whether you listen to the song ignoring the dance invitation and preferring to ingest the lyric in contemplative mood I merely posit spending time in company will not be time you will regret spending.

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Music of the Future

…absolutely smashing…

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