Last week, on Thursday 25 September 2014, I began my first ever tour at The Cornerhouse in Cambridge. 

I will admit to some trepidation and lots of nerves about embarking on this adventure. For one, I am used to playing in a band and being on stage completely alone is a very different experience. I’ve also never toured before and will be playing lots of unknown venues and locations.

Moreover, my show revolves around me performing live looping; something I have never done on stage before. Whilst I have spent a few months rehearsing, doing it on stage is an entirely different feeling.

I began last week week with an interview by Tim Willett on Cambridge 105 discussing the tour and my forthcoming début Black Holes EP (I’ll get this up on the site soon so that you can listen if you missed it).

The first gig

Cornerhouse, Cambridge 250914

On the day of the gig there was still a lot to get ready; merchandise, mailing lists, picking up a guitar case, etc but I had great support from my wonderful wife – Ali Chappell-Bates – and my good friend Bobby Rehman.

Their support helped to keep my nerves in check too.

The gig was opened by the very talented Tom Lumley before a very energetic set by The Centimes.

Then it came to my turn!!!

Very nervous, it was hard to relax and enjoy it initially, but as the crowd responded so warmly and I got into my groove, I realised this was something I could do.

I got great feedback from everyone that attended and was delighted so many people turned up to support the event so, if you were there, thank you!

Date 2 – The Cult Cafe, Ipswich

Cult Cafe, Ipswich 260914

Day two of the tour began with a very early start as I had another interview at 8.30am on Ipswich Community Radio. This was a lovely start day to the day and gave me a chance to perform all 3 of the songs that will be appearing on the Black Holes EP.

After this, and after I’d got my Manic Street Preachers Holy Bible Tour tickets (very very very important!), we enjoyed a relaxing day in the city before heading to the Cult Cafe by the waterfront.

A very different venue to the Cornerhouse; large, bright and with a busy but transient audience.

The night had been put on by Andy Reed of Beehive Productions, who also had Johnno Casson and Swallow and the Wolf on the bill. They were both fantastic and very lovely people.

One of the greatest things about doing this is meeting inspirational people.

The gig itself was good and I was much more at ease than the previous night. We had a lot of people sign up to the mailing list and for a free copy of the EP.

Upcoming dates

This week sees my performing 6 dates in 7 days; they are:

  • Mon 29 Sept – The Horns, Watford
  • Wed 1 Oct – The Ship Inn, Brandon Creek
  • Thurs 2 Oct – The Asylum, Chelmsford
  • Fri 3 Oct – The White Horse, Sudbury
  • Sat 4 Oct – The Half Moon, Bishops Stortford
  • Sun 5 Oct – The Victoria, Hitchin

If you’ve not yet caught a show come along and let me know what you think.

All other dates can be found on my gigs page.

Black Holes EP

There has been a slight delay with the Black Holes EP but it will be worth the wait. Anyone that attends a gig can still get a free copy; you just need to leave your details and we’ll be in touch as soon as it is ready.

Hope to see you at a show…

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