Once again I would like to thank Janice Long at BBC Radio 2 for playing my new single ‘Church Of Rock ‘ N’ Roll‘ on the ‘Janice Loves’ section of her show.

Before playing the song Janice references the letter that I recently sent to her along with a CD. Like most musicians, I send out a lot of letters, CDs and emails. I know that people like Janice get inundated with sacks full of music so it means a lot when something ends up in the hands of a person you really want to hear something AND then they decide to play your music.

As I mentioned in my letter to Janice, she has kept me company on many a late night journey home from playing a gig so it is very special for me to have been played by her; thanks again Janice.

You can listen again to the show (from around 2hrs 44m for my small section – although listen to the whole thing!) here:


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