When the world sometimes seems too terrible I always find solace in music. Instead of getting angry and filled with vitriol, music makes me happy, positive and full of belief in the potential of the human race. I saw it in action yesterday when playing at the Strawberry Fair.

One of the songs from my debut album called ‘Dead End Disco Streets’ was based on this very concept. Using the idea that music, and dancing, can lift us all out of dark moments.

I was very lucky to work with some wonderful students at Long Road Sixth Form College recently who have made a fabulous video for the song. Now feels like a very appropriate time to share it with you all.

And we’ll keep dancing down these dead end disco streets
We don’t know where we’re going, we’re just following our feet
And we’ll keep breaking down these dead end disco streets
We don’t know where we’re going but it’s better than where we’ve been….

A massive thank you to the following people who made it happen, plus Tom Woodcock for setting it all up:

Director – Aidan Egan Tranter
Producer – Anna-Rose Daniel
Cinematographer – Will Smith
Editor / Art Director – Louanne Honey
First Assistant Director – Tully Mead
Gaffer – Marcus Tabram
Location Manager – Annabel Johnson
Including performances from Lexie Reynolds and Jake F.