After months of beavering away in the studio, I am very excited to be able to tell you that the first single from ‘The Last One’ is now finished and ready for your listening pleasure.

‘Lovely Day’ will be released as a digital only single on Friday 18th August. It will be available to download on iTunes, Amazon and Google, and to stream from the likes of Spotify. You’ll also be able to purchase it directly from my website

I’ll be putting the track online in the coming weeks for you to hear and I’ll also be sharing pre-order details with you soon.

‘Lovely Day’ is a jaunty folk-pop song evoking the innocence, joy and wonder of life. It is a short and simple, stripped back folk ditty with the acoustic guitar at its heart.

Having lived with depression for a lot of my life, and with so much negativity and nonsense in the world currently, I wanted to write a song which celebrates all the good things about life and the wonderful world in which we inhabit.

My furry friends

@lovely Day' music video - The Crack FoxAs you may have seen, I recently had lots of fun filming the music video for ‘Lovely Day’ with some furry friends of mine.

The idea came from Ali, my wife, who said the song sounded like it was being played by a marching band of woodland animals. So that is what we turned the video into it, and this was also followed through into the artwork for the single which you can see above, drawn by Ali.

We filmed the majority of the video at Wandlebury Woods in Cambridgeshire and it raised many an eyebrow from the locals. I’m really excited to share this with you in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for The Crack Fox, The Dancing Badger, Terry Nutkins Not Squirrel Nutkin and The Scare Hare, who will be bounding their way to you soon.

It’s gonna be a lovely day, the whole world is out to play, there’s so many special things for us to celebrate…