The Last One album cover artFor me the artwork associated with any project is just as important as the music which is at its core. This was even more prevalent with ‘The Last One’ due to the nature of the album and the story that it tells.

I don’t know about you but I used to get so excited when I was younger whenever I got a new CD. I would eagerly rush to get it home so that I could listen to it on repeat, take out the booklet and absorb myself in the lyrics and art.

I really want people to have the same feeling when they pick up their copy of ‘The Last One, so no pressure for whoever I asked to do the artwork then… Probably a good idea that I asked my wife Alison Chappell-Bates to do the honours

I gave her a rough idea and then let her run with it. I had no idea what she would create and so I had a few nervous weeks of waiting. Luckily what she presented to me was better than anything I could ever had imagined. Not only did she capture exactly what I wanted from the cover but she did so with a beautiful piece of art which really was in that style of old storybook telling which I had hoped for.

Anyway, have a see for yourselves and let the story begin…