The latest review of ‘We Are The Ones’ from The RingMaster Review has called it a “thoroughly enjoyable album”.

They go on to say:

…from its first note to last syllable, We Are The Ones is a proposition that can only be enjoyed from an artist with the potential to made big strides in the UK rock/pop scene…¬†Chappell-Bates knows how to write pop and rock songs which simply stir attention.

You can read the full review here:

They call opening track ‘Church Of Rock ‘n’ Roll a “rousing and contagious slice of sound” and ‘We Are The Ones’ “inescapably catchy rock pop”. For ‘Black Holes’ they draw comparisons with Nirvana, Weezer and The Presidents of The United States. Closing tracks ‘Last Angel’ and ‘Starlight’ they call “an emotionally intense country spiced ballad” and “edgy and provocative” respectively.

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