We did it…. Yeah we did!

With one day left to go until the end of the pledge campaign for my new album ‘The Last One’, we have already far exceeded the campaign target and my expectations.

And if you’re not yet part of it all, there is still time for you to get involved.

How did we get to here?

It all started on Monday 20th March; what now seems like an age away. In the words of the wonderful Tracy Chapman: “starting from zero got nothing to lose”

29 days later we’ve hit the target for the campaign (well we did that on day 18), and gone beyond it, meaning that my second album ‘The Last One’ will definitely be recorded and released. I am so genuinely grateful to everyone that has supported the campaign, and excited for the new music I will be producing for you all.

It hasn’t always felt like that though; I have to admit that I had lots of fears and concerns about running a campaign like this. But you don’t get anywhere in life without trying, especially trying something new, so I gave it a go. I had to fight off various negative thoughts along the way but, in the end, the generosity and support of the people that share my musical world have shown that anything is possible.

One day left for you to get involved

If you’ve not yet pledged to ‘The Last One’ then you have until 8:11pm BST on Wednesday 19th April 2017 to get involved. You can do so by heading over to Kickstarter now.

If you’re not sure what it’s all about then spend 3 minutes watching this short video where I will tell you everything you need to know and more.

What’s next

Now that we know that the project is a success we can continue recording the album. We’ve already spent one day recording drums with Paul Richards for four of the songs. That was a great day and I can’t wait to get back in the studio with Bugs at Half-Ton Studios in Milton.

For all of you that have pledged, you’ll continue to get regular updates and exclusive access to the recording process.

The goal is that the first single will be available in the next few months and the album will be released in the autumn. As ever, I’ll keep you posted on the latest news.

Thank you

I very sincerely want to say a massive MASSIVE thank you to everyone that has pledged and supported me and my music throughout this campaign. Because of you ‘The Last One’ will become a reality and is no longer my album, it is ‘ours’.