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What the press says…

Gavin Chappell-Bates always puts 110% into every release and each time he just blows me away! Music of the Future

Unapologetic and uplifting pop-rock… these honest and accessible tracks are going to put a smile on your face…Never Enough Notes

This is an intelligent and very accessible album from a hugely talented musician and singer. Well worth a listen…. 4/5Black Velvet Magazine

…bursting with melodies, strong sounds and brilliant moments…Mixtape Couture

A rousing and contagious slice of sound… Chappell-Bates knows how to write pop and rock songs which simply stir attention…Ringmaster Review

(Gavin created)… a multi-layered texture of sound, all from the acoustic guitar, voice and simple percussion. Impressive indeed.Cambridge Reviews

(We Are The Ones) could be a festival anthem if given the chance with its subtle simplicity weaving its way under your skin.Tom Sayer

He had me wanting to sing along… I was captivated by his performance…Scorpio Promotions

…when the air-punching chorus kicks in with “I wanna be back in ’95”, it’s hard not to be carried along on the good vibes.R*E*P*E*A*T